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ProMaxPub is involved in the community

From the Director.

After several attempts, some failures, some successes, after falling and recovering, it is now a pleasure for me to get involved in the community in many ways. Whether for homeless or for various community organizations, close or far from me.

Our company wishes to give its part of what it receives.

Steve Moore 


Since 2012, ProMaxPub became involved with various organizations commaunautaires st NPOs.

Our philosophy to help others and give back in various forms allows us to grow and allows us to flourish through the smiles and accolades while helping our community.

Steve Moore Jr                                 Gilles Gervais
General Manager                                   President

  2013 and 2014 
Quebec Cancer Foundation
Nearly $ 360,000 in donations.

The home of Melanie
NPOs that assist women who want to get off the streets, prostitution, street gangs and the hell of drugs.
Nearly $ 60,000 in donations


Account manager
Artist management
Career management
Public relation


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