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Be at the forefront and offer this service to your customers,
which is easy and simple to use, and stand out from your competitors.

How to use:

RECHARGE BASE: Simply place the stations on the recharge base in the evening and / or when you close, a few hours are enough and voila!, that's it !!

RECHARGE STATION: Wireless, practical and technological, you can move them from one table to another, once charged they last about twelve hours. Charges 4 devices at a time, continuously: Iphone, Android, Ipad, Tablet and others ...

CHARGING CABLE: Our stations take all the charging wires, but we give you a few to accommodate your customers and have unparalleled service.

PADLOCK: Do you want to lock them on your tables? We provide you with a padlock.

STICKERS: Visible and practical to put on your front door, cash counter or other strategic and visible place. Self-adhesive on all surfaces, to announce to your customers this service rendered almost essential.

Thank you for doing business with us, and good experience at the cutting edge of technology.


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