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  Mr. Moore,
We would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation.
Your donation for the infographic will allow students to realize their entrepreneurship project "Good smoothies".
With your donation, Promaxpub allows school workers to carry out motivating projects with young people. Students will have the opportunity to prepare and sell smoothies to other students in the school. Several concepts will be integrated into it such as the budget, buying, cooking, selling, etc.
We thank you for your generosity.
Please accept Sir, the expression of our best feelings.

Marie-Lyne Fafard
Teacher in special education class
Armand-Corbeil Secondary School


  Fortunately there are people like you, Steve, to offer to all Quebecers touched by cancer, this benevolent space where everything is allowed to cry, rage, and even laugh at cancer.

Thanks to your precious support and your commitment, we can do even better to reach the 55,600 Quebecers who are diagnosed with cancer each year, by bringing us closer to the world.

Young people who have a whole different experience with cancer. Cultural communities, which sometimes ignore our existence. Regions, which previously did not have access to the same services.

No two experiences are the same with cancer. And thanks to you, we can make this diversity a force to be even CLOSER TO THE WORLD!

Steve, thank you for being with us, today more than ever, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. Your naus confidence allows us to outdo us over and over again to offer the best possible support to people who are facing cancer.

I wish you a very happy new year 2020.

Marco Decelles, CPA, CMA
Fondation Québécoise du Cancer
General Manager


I would like to thank you personally for your collaboration with the hockey team of the MSJT Outlaws of Montreal through your monetary support in the acquisition of our new uniform. Thanks to your help, we were able to renew our uniforms and our image through the various elite-level competitions throughout the province of Quebec.

Moreover, it is a pleasure for us to display your colors through our image and thus support the work emitted by your company. The organization of the MSJT Outlaws aims to perform on the most important scene in the world of DEK hockey in Quebec. Thanks to your support we will be able to have the chance to add championship titles to our history quite well filled already.

Your contribution to the MSJT Outlaws team is therefore very valuable and I once again thank you on behalf of the team for having chosen to encourage us.
Please accept, Sir, my distinguished greetings.

Director General, MSJT Outlaws
Maxime St-Michel


  Dear ProMaxPub,
After completing our Bowling-O-thon financing activity, it is with great pleasure that we wish to express our sincere and profound gratitude to you. The activity raised a net amount of $ 1161.00 for the CHSLD volunteer association Vigi Yves-Blais.

The volunteers of the CHSLD Vigi Yves-Blais would like to thank you sincerely for your generosity and the recognition that confirm the benefits of our volunteer work with the residents of our institution.

Through your sponsorship, it will be easier for us to ensure, throughout the year, the organization of various leisure activities adapted to the needs and interests of the residents.

Through your actions, you have helped to give residents a year filled with little happiness.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

Cassandra Ciampa
Recreation and resource person
CHSLD Volunteers Association Vigi Yves-Blais


IIt's been nearly five years now that ProMaxPub is in charge of my advertisements, business cards and menus.
I am more than satisfied and I am very honored to refer them to you.

Jean-Louis Brochu, Bistro de la Riviere



I got into business with the help of ProMaxPub. They created my logo, my business cards and all of my advertising. I am very happy and very satisfied with the final product. I felt supported and listened to and the result is proof.
Thanks ProMaxPub!

Charles Therrien, Lavage de vitres Propre



Magique ts very happy torecommand ProMaxPub.
Reliable, fast and high quality product, in short only good words.

Jonathan Berrebi O.D.D, Magique Optique



We are proud to distribute magnetic boards in our 35 branches throughout Quebec.

Robert Paradis


  I entrusted my advertising with ProMaxPub for making 5000 magnetic boards distributed at the Metro grocery on Ontario Street in Montreal. I want to emphasize the quality of their work, fast delivery and reliability of the company. Undoubtedly, I refer them with pleasure.

Aourir Majoua
Traiteur au P'tit Palais

  There is only one word for PromaxPub : WOW

Thank you to all the team for our many advertisements, the creation of our logo and all advertising wise advice.

Marc Glinas, Blush Tatoo, january 2016


PromaxPub made for us 5000 magnetic boards in July 2015. Impeccable work, delivery is very reasonable and good quality product. I recommend them.

M, Gouin et M. Alarcia
Brunet Drug Store, Pointe St-Charles
jully 2015


  RD Renovations is happy to recommend PromaxPub since 2011.
They make all my local advertising, which allows to distinguish myself from strong competition.

René - RD Renovations
november 2015



I have done business with ProMaxPub in 2010 for my magnetic boards, and then in 2014. In 2015, they made me a billboard 5 'x 10' installed inside my IGA. I am very satisfied with their job and it gives me great pleasure to recommend them.

André Gagnon
Owner, IGA Ormstown
24 juillet 2015


  Atelier de mecanique Rive-Sud has entrusted its advertising and its marketing plan to ProMaxPub: Superb job creation and visibility.
I recommend them without hesitation.
Thank you for all ProMaxPub employees.

Atelier Mécanique Rive-Sud
Nico - January 2016



On behalf of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, I am pleased to confirm our partnership with ProMaxPub. This agreement will allow for our organization to radiate across the province through the advertising space that you will put on your different products.

We also thank you for your financial contribution resulting from the distribution of your products. For over 30 years, the Quebec Cancer Foundation is the leading organization caring for people facing cancer, a disease that affects nearly one in two in Quebec and has many impacts in everyday life. Present in Montreal, Quebec, Estrie, Outaouais and Mauricie, it offers living environments and support services, it fills specific needs and facilitates access to medical treatment.

Through your commitment and your generosity, we are able to offer our essential services to more and more people. Your support allows us to help them to cope with cancer. On behalf of all the people who benefit from our services, thank you for supporting the Quebec Cancer Foundation and please accept, our best regards.

Velma Boal
Deputy Director of Communications and Development



For nearly 10 years, Steve Moore and his company team work made incredible advertising for my garage.
I refer the to you at 100%.

Alain Auto Repair
December 20, 2015



  I have done business with PromaxPub when starting my business. They made me a business plan, built my structure, created my logo, appropriately recommended and I am completely satisfied with the end result.
That is why I highly recommend them. Professionalism, speed, incredible quality. Thank you to PromaxPub and his team!

Yann Miguel, President Canine Eclipse




We had a problem with our advertising at Inter Market at Saint-Esprit this fall and we received compensation from you for an ad on Pharmacy of Sainte-Julienne.
We received the memo and wish to express our satisfaction for the serious and professionalism of your company
in this case, despite the problem of Inter Market, in the case of an upcoming advertising project with you is offered we will be happy to participate.
Sincerely, our best regards.

MAY, 2020
29, 30, 31


  The Turbulence Vocal Group wants to thank ProMaxPub for their financial contribution to our show in May 2013. Thanks to our sponsors, we continue to provide a high quality show, and we can have a souvenir program for people who come to see us perform.
From all the singers and the choir, the Vocal Group Turbulence is proud of its association with ProMaxPub and thank the management for itss generosity.

Ginette St-Maurice
Responsible for Sponsorship


The PHEM program (Project Humanitarian Students Montmorency) Montmorency College would like to thank ProMaxPub for its commitment in achieving a humanitarian trip to Peru. Their contribution has enabled us to achieve a large-scale event to fund this trip. PHEM team is very grateful to the generosity demonstrated by ProMaxPub.

Lauriane Lepage


  The Home of Melanie would like to thank ProMaxPub for its professionalism and the quality of its work and its future involvement in various advertising and promotional aspects of our non-profit organization. They have given us an advantage visibility to promote our cause, in their different advertising media.

Mélanie Carpentier



I have been doing business with ProMaxPub for several years, they make magnetic boards once a year that I distribute my grocery.
It is my pleasure to recommend them for their reliability, honesty and quality of their products.

Éric DaPonte, owner
Alimentation Éric DaPonte inc.



This is to confirm that we do business with ProMaxPub for several branches Max. We are pleased to recommend them for the quality of their work and their products.

Catherine Viau
Manager, marketing



It is my pleasure to recommend Pro-Max Pub. For several years, they are advertising promotions for me through their promotional mediums or magnetic boards and several printing projects.In addition, I am pleased to confirm that with the magnetic boards, I made several real estate transactions.

Paul Bukvej, residential broker
Via Capitale Centre-Ville


  I want to thank you for your support of the Casino Night for Montmorency humanitarian project of students (PHEM) held on March 2nd, 2013. With your support, the group members are in the process of achieving their goals and will perform all their activities during their stay in Peru and Nicaragua in the summer of 2013. They owe you a part of their success. This is why, in the name and on behalf of Montmorency College, I sincerely tell you THANK YOU!

Gilles Lalonde
Student affairs service

  The Network "cestmafete.com" would like to thank ProMaxPub for all advertising promotions they have done for us for several years.
We are pleased to recommend ProMaxPub.

Robert Nadeau, President-Founder
Le Réseau C'est Ma Fête.com


  For nearly 5 years, ProMaxPub have made all our advertising projects.
Due to the design of our projects and the realization of our printed material, ProMaxPub has allowed us to stand out against the fierce competition.
It is with great pleasure that we recommend them for their impeccable, honest and excellent quality.

Martine Landry
La Boîte à Lunettes



  I could'nt better express my gratitude for your recent contribution to Leucan by this simple word:
If Leucan is present today as it is in the four pediatric oncology centers in Quebec, and in the media natural life of children with cancer and their families, thanks to the brave of heart, just like you.
You are aware that together we make a difference for children with cancer and their families.

Sandro Di Cori, General manager


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